The haircut trends of spring-summer 2020

Aerial short, mullet cut revisited, degraded square, long cut with bangs: discover all the haircut trends of spring-summer.

Voluminous and chic short haircuts

This spring-summer 2020, the court is bigger and more airy than the previous seasons. The volume is worked on the top of the head with well degraded cuts on the sides and the nape which accentuate this effect of matter. So we find very fuzzy and airy short but also short pixie with a longer wick on the forehead. Short cuts that are a little more graphic and drawn are also very trendy this season, like the famous boyish or short ball cuts . Another slightly more original trend: the short mullet cut revisited with longer, tapered locks on the nape of the neck and temples.

Degraded and dynamic squares

Always very trendy this spring-summer, the bob is doing well degraded to bring more movement and texture to the hair. The hair can be degraded on the whole of the hair or only on the contours of the face to create a wicking effect and to dress the oval. The square can be worn just below the ears to create a dynamic effect and mark the gradient even more . It can also be a little longer, just above the shoulders, to give a wider movement to the hair and create a nice fall. The square can also be degraded to the extreme to create a very trendy mullet cut this spring-summer.

Long cuts and bangs

Unlike the bob, long hair is worn this season with straight and clean lines simply tapered at the edges of the face to retain maximum density and material. Often accompanied by straight or rounded bangs , the long cut brings a very sophisticated side to the hair and the face. Slightly wavy or wavy , the lengths fall nicely on the shoulders to create a glamorous and bohemian look

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