“The gendarme and the gendarmettes” (M6): the 2nd wife of Johnny Hallyday makes an appearance, open your eyes! : Current Woman Le MAG

Finally good news! Monday April 20, 2020, M6 decided to rebroadcast the hilarious comedy The gendarme and the gendarmettes, directed by Jean Girault in 1982. The film takes place in St-Tropez, in the heart of the gendarmerie brigade led by Marshal Cruchot, embodied by the immense Louis de Funès. The marshal is in the grip of serious doubts when he learns that his colonel decided to integrate into his company four female recruits. And one of them is probably not unknown to you! Indeed, among the gendarmettes is Babeth Etienne, who is none other than the second wife of the rock'n'roll giant, Johnny Hallyday . The lovers met on the birthday of Eddy Mitchell, in 1980. Le Taulier was just out of fifteen years of marriage to Sylvie Vartan when he fell in love with the young woman of 24 years.

What became of Babeth Étienne?

A few months later, they married, in a ceremony in Los Angeles that would have lasted only 4 minutes according to the magazine Closer. 62 days later, their romance ends. “ She was a sweet, healthy, discreet woman, always in a good mood, easygoing and disinterested, confides the idol of the young people in her biography, signed Amanda Sthers. (…) [19659009] an overly nice girl in the body of a femme fatale. “ Shortly after their marriage, Johnny Hallyday would have succumbed to another magnificent brunette, Nathalie Baye, with whom he will have a daughter, Laura Smet. But the young actress, her real name Élisabeth Étienne, quickly recovered from this rupture. Indeed, she meets the father of her son, Otto Kern, a German stylist who convinces her to end her acting career. The latter died in December 2017 following a fall from his balcony, located on the 13th floor of a building in Monaco. Today, still according to the magazine, Babeth Etienne would run a fashion boutique in Paris.

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