The 8 exercises that burn the most calories

1. Burpees

Unparalleled calorie burner, this strength training exercise that imitates the frog’s jump is ultra-complete. And for good reason, he mixes jumping, push-ups and the board and also works the cardio. By using the abs, glutes, thighs, arms and chest, it allows you to sculpt the whole body.

How to make burpees?

– Standing, feet together, arms alongside your body, squat down and put your hands on the floor.
– Throw your legs back so that you are in the plank position
– Realize again a leg impulse in order to return to the first phase, squatting with your hands on the ground
– Straighten the bust, stand up, jump as high as possible, then start again

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2. The mountain climber or movement of the climber

The mountain climer or movement of the climber is a complete muscle strengthening exercise which imitates, as its name suggests, the movement performed when climbing. It strengthens all the muscles of the body, and in particular the abdominal strap (transverse, straight, oblique).

How to make mountain climbers?

– Place yourself in pump position, arms straight, body sheathed
– Alternately lift the left knee then the right knee, without lifting the buttocks
– Repeat the movement so on, as quickly as possible
– Legs, buttocks, back and head should be perfectly aligned

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3. The jumping jack

The jumping jack, or “side jumps” can burn calories and tone the calves and quadriceps by soliciting the leg muscles.

How to make the jumping jack?

– Standing, back straight, feet together and arms alongside the body, jump in place while simultaneously opening your arms and legs
– Return to the initial position by closing your arms and legs and repeat

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4. The rise of knees

To work on your cardio, it’s not just running. Raising the knees is an excellent exercise to work on your cardiovascular system. And bonus: no need to go out to practice them! They allow to tone and strengthen the legs.

How to perform knee lifts?

Nothing could be simpler: you just need to run on the spot, raising your knees to chest height, making sure to cover the abs and keep your back and head straight. All, as quickly as possible!

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5. Jump squats

Jump squats consist of adding a little cardio to classic squats to burn as many calories as possible and tone your body. This exercise targets the glutes, calves, lower back and hamstrings.

How to perform jump squats?

– Start by performing a classic squat: standing, feet slightly wider than the width of the hips, arms alongside the body
– Bend your legs, and go down until your legs are 90 °.
– Gain some momentum on your legs to be able to jump and bring your body back to a standing position

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6. The board

The plank is the ultimate cladding exercise. With this exercise, you strengthen the muscles of the abdominal strap.

How to make the board?

– Body parallel to the ground, put yourself on the forearms, elbows bent under the shoulders
– The legs are stretched, resting on the toes
– Contract the abdominal strap and keep the pelvis in line with the head and shoulders
– Hold as long as possible

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7. The jump rope

Know that you will burn more fat by jumping rope ten minutes than by running ten minutes. Doing jump rope strengthens the lower body but also the forearms and challenges coordination. In short, it is the ideal cardio exercise for burning calories.

How to make jump rope correctly?

To start, the rope should reach you at shoulder level. Then, how to jump well? Contract your abs to avoid arching your back. Jump on the spot and alternate on one foot then on both. Test 3 sets of 20 repetitions.

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8. Jump lunges

The jumping lunges are a bodyweight exercise that allows you to work your glutes and legs. In addition to building muscle, it allows you to work on your endurance and cardiovascular system.

How to make sautéed lunges?

– Put yourself in a lunge position (bend your advanced leg until the opposite knee touches the ground)
– Jump alternating legs
– Fall back into position slot before on the other side

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