Sharon Stone: his physical evolution in pictures

Sharon Stone has just received the Woman of the Year award at the GQ Awards in Berlin. The opportunity to return to his physical evolution and his journey.

At 61, Sharon Stone has just been named Woman of the Year at the GQ Awards in Berlin. An honor for the actress who took the opportunity to make a poignant and inspiring speech for women during which she confided in her experience as an actress. It is not the first prize Sharon Stone receives. Among the most prestigious are the Peace Prize in 2013 and a Golden Globe for his role in Casino in 1995.

Original looks

Throughout her career, Sharon Stone has adopted very different and original haircuts and hairstyles . In the 90s , she opted for a mid-length bob and kept her blonde hair . Then she went to a shorter cut in 2000. She keeps changing her head and reinventing herself by opting for the long, the short, the dark blonde , the platinum blonde … Everything is fine with her!

In terms of make-up , the American star has adapted to the fashions of the times. In the 2000s, it was not uncommon to see her with dark lipstick , then very trendy. She also often opted for elegant smoky- eyes to highlight her clear eyes . At 61, Sharon Stone is superb!

>> Discover its physical evolution in pictures

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