Scholarships for masters and doctorates at the University of Sydney

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University of Sydney

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Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, Ibero-America, Unió …

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Jan 20 2020 / Dec 31 2020

Scholarships for masters and doctorates at the  University of Sydney.  Aimed at international students who wish to obtain a postgraduate degree in research or a research master’s degree. The applicant must have a considerable record of academic preparation since he will execute large-scale research projects.

Levels and areas of study:

The scholarship allows for masters, postgraduate, and a doctorate in all subjects taught by the university.

Who can participate ?:

All foreign students with a desire to excel, especially Latin Americans, are welcome.

Grant amount:

To learn about the grant offered visit the official website of the University of Sydney.


Throughout the year.

Scholarship requirements

Other requirements
  • Be an international student who begins full-time enrollment in a Research Research Degree at this University. Students can also be considered until they have consumed a maximum of six months of candidacy for the course.
  • Do not have a master’s degree or doctorate or equivalent qualification in Australian research. Not have been favored with a scholarship within the years prior to the start of the scholarship. Failing to receive a scholarship for which course enrollment is a component of any other scholarship program to which the Australian government makes a substantial contribution.
  • The student who has applied up to three times in the last 5 years of his consideration for the scholarship will not be taken into account.
  • Make a career related to the areas of strength and research identified by the university.

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