Red or green departments? The temporary deconfinement map unveiled

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, presented the criteria which will make it possible to classify the various French departments according to the risk ofinfection in order to organize the deconfinement of the population. The government will focus first on the intensity of virus circulation in each department. It will be calculated according to the percentage of patients consulting the hospital emergency services for a suspicion of Covid-19. For now, there are three levels of circulation of the disease. Below 6% of patients consulting the emergency department, the department remains green. On the other hand between 6 and 10%, it is orange and beyond 10%, it becomes red. Olivier Véran clarified that this indicator will be refined until the end of next week depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

The second indicator is based on the tension in hospitals, in particular the reception capacity in the resuscitation services of each department. The northeast quarter of France, which has been severely affected by the epidemic, is in red. In contrast, the western half is a green area. It’s about “a good indicator of the tension in resuscitation“, explained Olivier Véran.”As long as the resuscitations have not found a normal cruising rhythm, we must be particularly careful when we lift the containment because if there was an epidemic recovery, very quickly we could reach saturation of the shifts and it is what we try to avoid as much as possible.“added the Minister of Health.

The third criterion concerns the ability to test symptomatic people or those who have been in contact with patients. On April 28, Edouard Philippe had announced that the government planned to carry out 700,000 tests per week. “From May 11, we will be able to present the tests performed at the territorial level“, assured Olivier Véran.

If for the moment the cards are tricolor, the orange areas have “vocation to switch by May 11 is green, if the epidemic pressure is reduced because you stay at home, if the resuscitation beds manage to regain a little more amplitude, or to switch to red if the circulation the virus should worsen or if there were again or too many patients in the intensive care units“, said the Minister of Health.

The deconfinement will be more strict in the departments classified in red but the Prime Minister clarified that‘”a majority of obligations which will be common to the green departments and the red departments“. These colors should above all serve as a guide for local authorities (prefectures, rectorates, mayors, etc.) to take their decisions, for example regarding the reopening of primary schools.

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