Nutritionist Recommended Foods For Best Health

Nutritionists not only guide the individuals what to eat or not, but they also eat healthy and nutritious food good for their healthy body. There is a massive list of foods, nutritionists do not eat, but the top 7 foods which they would never eat are following.

1. Fat-free salad dressing:

Do not add fat-free salad dressing on the healthy salad. It also makes a good and healthy food is bad and unhealthy food.

Although these dressings are fat- free and have fewer calories, but they have other ingredients too, which damage your diet.

The essential part of this is sugar and high fructose corn syrup. The fat-free salad dressing also absorbs the nutrients in the salad. 

2. Fizzy drinks:

Most people refused to add sugar in the tea, but they forget to say no to the fizzy or soft drinks. In a 330mlcan of Pepsi or cola, you are taking seven teaspoons of sugar.

The nutritionists would never drink any smooth glass as it has lots of calories. 

3. White Chocolate:

From the health point of view, dark chocolate is delicious, as it is believed that it protects your brain and heart. 

However, white chocolate is not well-praised, and for all the right reasons. 

White chocolate comes with sugar and does not have any cocoa solids.

Whenever you feel the craving to eat chocolate, you must have to eat dark chocolate and stay away from the dark one.

4. Canned Soup:

Soups are considered a healthy option to take, and it’s an easy and quick meal. But the fact is that it has an alarming quantity of salt.

As they are quite salty, its intake affects your health severely as it resulted in causing high blood pressure.

Therefore, it is essential to select canned soups carefully. 

5. Microwave Popcorn:

The sale of popcorn is increasing day by day as it is considered a healthy snack with low calories. Now there is a wide variety of popcorns available like popcorn with sugar and butter.

Thus, it is an essential thing to see what kind of popcorns you are buying or making to eat.

In general, simple popcorns are made of whole grain, so it is a low-fat snack, but when we add something in it, it becomes an unhealthy diet.

If they are coated in butter or sugar, it will add more calories to your diet. 

6. Processed baked items:

Already packed baked items like cakes, muffins, and doughnuts, nutritionists keep themselves away from these good.

They have a tremendous amount of sugar and calories.


It not only becomes a cause of heavyweight, but it also becomes a reason for different skin-related issues like acne. 

7. Artificial sweeteners:

As it is zero in calories, it does not mean that they are tasty and healthy for you.

They are causing many health issues r you can say that it has many side effects.

For example, it destroys your natural taste sense, it increased your appetite, and the craving for sweet food is also increased. 

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