Men’s haircuts: 2020 trends

Elegant mid-length cut, subtle under cut cut or contrasting short cut, discover all the male hair trends of 2020 and our tips for adopting them.

The elegant mid-length cuts

The men’s mid-length cut is back in 2020 and is worn on straight, wavy or curly hair . Gradient over the length, the hair is supple, airy and displays a nice volume . The lengths can be styled backwards, to create a chic movement and perfectly clear the face. They can also be textured with a spray or a wax to reinforce this volume effect and give even more pep to the look. Consider adopting this cut if your hair is thick enough and dense and go your way if you have thin or sparse hair .

The subtle under cut

This haircut is characterized by a difference in length between the sides and the top of the head . In 2020, this contrast will be less strong to give rise to softer and easier to wear under cut cuts. The volume remains nevertheless worked on the top of the head, thanks to the use of texturizing products which give this very modern styled / disheveled effect . Ideal for all ages, the under cut cut remains a safe bet that tends to refine the face and rejuvenate the features.

Contrasting short cuts

With shaved sides or a marked asymmetrical effect , the contrasting short is a little more difficult to wear and requires regular maintenance in a hair salon . Always quite trendy, it allows you to play with the effects of volume and material to create original and trendy looks. An ideal look for those who like a little more worked and sophisticated haircuts.

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