Men’s hair: cuts, care … 20 tips to follow for a top hairstyle

Men’s hair also needs to be pampered. Haircut, care, choice of products… Here are 20 tips to adopt for great hair.

1 / Choose your shampoo well

It is the first step in a good beauty routine . The shampoo is important since it is thanks to it that your hair is clean: this is why it is not necessary to take any. Think about your needs and adapt it according to your hair type . If they are oily , a very mild and purifying shampoo will do the trick, and if they are very dry , opt for a more nourishing treatment.

2 / Do not wash your hair every day

This advice is also valid for men. In fact, too frequent washing risks damaging the scalp . Result: dandruff, increasingly greasy hair … Avoid!

3 / Use a conditioner

The conditioner acts in addition to the cleansing care. The latter cleans while it hydrates the lengths. It protects them, makes them softer and more shiny !

4 / Make nourishing oil your ally

The oil baths are reserved for women. Men’s lengths can also benefit from their benefits. Once a week, apply a vegetable oil like argan oil to the tips and leave on overnight.

5 / Make gentle gestures

No need to rub your head very hard to apply a product. This will not make it more effective. On the contrary, when you make the shampoo , massage with your fingertips and gently your scalp to avoid attacking it.

6 / massage your scalp

During the shampoo as explained just before, or even when applying moisturizers. This stimulates hair growth , but also gives you a feeling of well-being .

7 / scrub the scalp

Erasing the scalp is recommended to rid it of dead cells. It is mainly used for scalps which tend to regrease easily. But beware, it should not be daily and must remain soft with your skin, at the risk of creating the opposite effect to that expected.

8 / Go to the hairdresser more often

Whether your hair is long or short, a visit to the hairdresser to refresh your cut or do a treatment can not hurt. It is recommended to go there every 4 to 6 weeks .

9 / Come with a photo to the hairdresser

When you go to the hairdresser , don’t forget to take a picture of what you want to achieve. Thus, he will have a very precise idea of ​​what you want and will be able to make a cut close to that of your expectations.

10 / Ask the advice of a professional

If it is you who must choose your hair style , know that a hairstylist can help you make the right choice according to your hair type, but also according to the shape of your face.

11 / Respect your hair nature

The hair is all different and has its peculiarities. Whether you have curly or straight hair , adopt a cut that matches them. Why ? Simply because smoothing curly hair too often risks damaging it and vice versa.

12 / tell the difference between a haircut and a hairstyle

It is an important distinction. A cut is the basis from which you can make several hairstyles. So, if you have hair on your shoulders, this is your basic cut, but you can achieve several hairstyles with this base such as a ponytail or a half-tail.

13 / bet on the right brush

Even if your hair is short , the brush plays an important role. Indeed, it allows to untangle any knots, but also to distribute sebum from roots to ends. Opt instead for bristles made of natural fibers, more respectful of the hair.

14 / Use suitable styling products

Add style to your hair by texturing it with styling products . For very short hair, the styling wax is recommended because it does not completely freeze the hair and does not create a “cardboard” effect .

15 / The hair dryer is your friend

Even the shortest hair can be dried using this tool. The advantage? A time saving as dry in minutes!

16 / Do not apply too many products

Too much material can make the hair heavy and create a flat effect on the hair. In addition, it can suffocate the scalp. The solution ? Go for a simple but appropriate routine.

17 / Do not use heated styling tools after applying oil

This is a common mistake, however. But it is to be avoided because it can “grill” your hair!

18 / Avoid constantly touching your hair

Your hands are constantly in contact with objects of all kinds. Even if you wash them regularly during the day, they can carry dust and clog your hair. So avoid!

19 / Colorings are possible if you wish

The scans and coloring to camouflage gray hair are becoming more common in men. If your goal is to hide your graying hair , choose a shade close to that of your natural color. On the other hand, be aware that you can also carry out a balayage if you want to bring depth and nuance to your hair.

20 / react quickly to hair loss

With age, the hair becomes thinner and becomes more fragile … And it can fall out. To delay this fall as much as possible, it is advisable to react fairly quickly. Choose ranges of anti- hair loss products and maintain a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet can help you keep beautiful hair.

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