Sudan criminalizes female genital mutilation

The new Sudanese government has banned the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), a move hailed as a major victory by women’s rights activists in a country where the often dangerous practice... Read more »

Red or green departments? The temporary deconfinement map unveiled

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, presented the criteria which will make it possible to classify the various French departments according to the risk ofinfection in order to organize the deconfinement of... Read more »

Democratic candidate Joe Biden charged with sexual assault

In the race for the White House, (the American presidential elections are scheduled for November 3), Joe Biden has to face a possible episode from his past. Tara Reade, a 56-year-old woman... Read more »

What is meconium, the baby’s first stools?

It is one of the first signs that show that baby is well and that he is a real little person: his first somewhat special stools, meconium, dark green in color which... Read more »

This is why spanking must be prohibited in France (and elsewhere)

Muriel Salmona, Psychiatrist, psychotraumatologist and president of the association Traumatic memory and victimology helps us to decipher this investigation *. At a time when 49 countries have already prohibited corporal punishment, France... Read more »

Deconfinement: where to get a protective mask for children?

From May 11 and on a voluntary basis, the children will gradually return to school. After elementary schools, colleges will reopen on May 18 in areas of low virus circulation. The middle... Read more »

Coronavirus: An alert forum on the lack of consideration of culture

The public authorities have been alerted to the situation in the field of culture in a forum published in The world this Thursday, April 30. A collective supported by many stars has... Read more »

How to machine wash your shoes without bad surprises?

Have your shoes lost their whiteness and are starting to get dirty? You can put them in the washing machine, provided you follow certain rules! Because yes, if not all shoes can... Read more »

“When will the front page of Vogue?” The stand of Louise Parent, opinion leader in fashion

“Why are we afraid of daring, afraid of going ahead, afraid of aiming too high? Knowing that we only have one life, unless proven otherwise. Wouldn’t this be the right time to... Read more »

The actors of the Prince of Bel Air again gathered for our greatest pleasure

Who remembers Carlton’s dance in The prince of Bel-Air ? Today, it seems impossible to have forgotten the wild dance of its interpreter Alfonso Ribeiro. Then there was Jazz, which we used... Read more »