Lio, his physical evolution in pictures

Star of the 1980s, singer Lio is known for her extravagant and sparkling beauty. Discover the evolution of its look from its beginnings to today.

Trendy hairstyles

In 40 years of career, Lio has never stopped reinventing himself and renewing his style. Follower of long hair and bangs , the interpreter of Banana Split has tried a multitude of hair looks: long curly hair, straight bob, ultra short bangs , short cut, shag cut or mid-long cut … the singer like to change style according to his desires. True to its deep brown , it has only very rarely changed hair color. In 2014, she assumed her naturalness by revealing her white hair and then returned to brown coloring in 2019.

A chic and glamorous make-up

At 57, Lio knows how to perfectly highlight his face. Her favorite makeup: a well-drawn red mouth and an underlined look with a line of black pencil and a little mascara . When she wants to display a more colorful look, the pretty brunette opts for pastel eye shadows or for slightly more coppery shades. Its anti-gray tip mine: warm up your complexion with a sun powder or an apricot blush .

⋙ Find the physical evolution of singer Lio

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