Higher consumption of fruits and vegetables linked to lower risk of diabetes

07/13/2020 The results of a recent study confirm the official recommendations concerning the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to prevent certain chronic diseases. The researchers found that this good habit, regardless... Read more »

COVID-19 signs may be hidden in the voice

07/13/2020 According to an experiment by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is possible to search for vocal biomarkers of Covid-19 by analyzing the sounds made by asymptomatic people when... Read more »

Fish, radishes, kiwi … foods that help keep alert on the road

Tingling eyes, heavy eyelids, difficulty concentrating, pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, repeated yawning, numbness … Many road users underestimate the risk of fatigue and drowsiness while driving, yet the... Read more »

COVID-19: antibodies would disappear in a few weeks in some people

07/10/2020 A large-scale study of COVID-19 in Spain indicates that only 5% of its population has developed antibodies against the infection, and that this protection may only be temporary in certain types... Read more »

Fish, radish, kiwi … the foods that influence alertness on the road

07/10/2020 Drowsy driving is the number one killer on the highway. It can be caused by several factors including overly large meals which reduce the driver’s vigilance, as stated by the Assurance... Read more »

The August 2020 Health magazine is out!

Because the summer of 2020 is like no other, the editors of Health magazine continue to keep abreast of the latest news about the coronavirus epidemic. A virologist answered all of our... Read more »

It’s up to you to decide !

Santé magazine gives you the floor. We invite you to choose an article subject from three proposals. You just have to vote for the topic that interests you the most. The chosen... Read more »

Mask, ventilation … How to apply barrier gestures during the summer?

same if the coronavirus epidemic marks time in Europe, it is important to always take care to keep the good reflexes this summer. This is the message that Health Insurance wishes to... Read more »

Use of firecrackers: risks, prevention and legislation

The July 14 and New Years celebrations are the most feared by emergency physicians. In question ? The exaggerated recklessness of revelers, the source of an increase in accidents. Most damage occurs... Read more »

Response to IVF stimulation can predict longer-term health risks

07/09/2020 A follow-up study of nearly 20,000 young women who underwent an IVF cycle in Denmark between 1995 and 2014 indicates that those who responded poorly to treatment, with few eggs retrieved,... Read more »