Hairstyle tutorial: waves on frizzy hair

Do you have frizzy hair? Follow our advice for a perfectly designed and long-lasting wavy hairstyle.

Smooth the hair

Start by spraying a hold spray over all of the wet lengths and then smooth them out as when blow-drying wicks with wicks using a round brush .

Create English

Draw a central line. Then loop the locks by positioning the straightener vertically in relation to the roots . Rotate it 180 ° to the outside of the face and then slide to the tips.

Mark the loops

Repeat the movement on each section, always turning the straightener outward from the face . Then place the wick in the palm of your hand and wait for it to cool before letting go.

Brush with hairspray

Spray the paint on a flat brush , then brush all the hair from roots to ends to create the dreamy effect of this kind of ripple . Thanks to this technique the movement holds all day.

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