Haircuts to Avoid After 50

Do you want to rejuvenate your face by a few years? Discover our hair tips to enhance your features after 50 years.

Avoid 50 long hair

If they are fine and coarse on the ends , the long hair gives an old look to the face and considerably tired the features. This is why it is advisable to wear them a little shorter, to give a nice fall to the lengths and boost their volume in roots. The ideal: opt for a long square or a mid-long , two very elegant haircuts over fifty.

After 50 years, avoid structured cuts

Square balls, straight bangsplunging squares and other highly structured haircuts are not recommended after the age of fifty. Their graphic-side will tend to harden the lines. To bring softness to the face, favor cuts with soft and refined lines , such as a long square, a wavy square, or an airy mid-long. Do not hesitate to subtly degrade the wicks of the face contour so that they more easily fit the oval and bring more softness to the cut.

After 50 years, avoid degradations

They tend to thin the hair lengthwise and make it lose mass. Prefer solid and dense cuts that will allow you to display a nice volume. If you want to give your cup more movement, structure only the wicks around the face to create a slightly shorter wick that will dress your forehead and temples. Do not hesitate to work your hair with a round brush and a hairdryer to enhance its movement and bring it more volume.

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