Haircuts to Avoid After 40

Long hair, tapered bob, bowl cut, mullet cut … discover all the haircuts not to be worn after 40 years.

After 40 years, avoid too degraded cuts

It is the capillary error not to make past the quarantine. Indeed, a haircut that is too degraded or too tapered will tend to decrease the volume of the hair and make the hair appear less healthy. The good reflex after 40 years: opt for haircuts with full lines and straight shapes that will allow you to keep a maximum of volume and density. And to give movement to the hair, only degrade the strands around the face.

Avoid 40 long hair

After the forties, the hair tends to be thinned and damaged more easily on the lengths and ends . This is why it is often not recommended to wear a haircut that is too long at the risk of the hair appearing thin and neglected . To display neat tips and voluminous hair, opt for slightly shorter cuts, such as mid-length , a square or even short cut . This will rejuvenate your face by a few years.

After 40 years, avoid retro cuts

If a retro cut can bring a sophisticated side to a young woman, it will tend to age the features after 40 years. Thus, it is better to avoid the squares very straight , the cuts to the bowl , the shag cut or the mullet cuts if you have the forties. Prefer more current haircuts, such as lob or a dynamic square that will bring freshness to your look.

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