Haircuts: 25 ideas to change your head in 2020

Want a hair change for the new year? Discover our haircut ideas, suitable for all styles.


The square is one of the essential cuts of 2020, so do not hesitate to adopt it if you want to change your head. Straight, tapered, wavy , wavy … it can be worn in a multitude of ways to adapt to all shapes of faces and all styles. We love the straight squares , perfectly structured, which bring a sophisticated side to the face and a lot of allure. We also like the slightly longer , lob- style squares , which can be wavy or curly to create a more natural or glamorous look. Finally, do not hesitate to fall for a plunging square , magnificent on wavy or perfectly straight hair.

Crack for the short

To radically change your head in 2020, nothing like a pretty short haircut . Dynamic, modern and easy to live with, it is ideal after 40 years to bring a fresh touch to the face. You can wear it very short on the sides and back of the face, for an ultra-modern boyish effect . You can also adopt a slightly longer model at the top of the head and temples for a more airy and voluminous look . For an evening, do not hesitate to opt for a lustrous finish that will give a chic and glamorous touch to your short cut .

Adopt bangs

Matching her cut with bangs is a good way to change your head in 2020. You can opt for a long and thick bangs that will make your eyes stand out, but also for a more transparent tapered bangs that will give a bohemian effect to your hair. . Other options: the beautiful curtain fringe with a square or long hair , or the short fringe to wear with a pixie or boyish cut.

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