Hair trend: the darling, star accessory of the season! Top 20 of the most beautiful novelties

Adept at rubber bands ? 2020 is your year. If the vintage darling was already successful in 2019, it will be on everyone’s heads in 2020. Which one to choose? It all depends on the style you want to adopt. The big thick velvet scrunchies will give you a look that is both modern and very vintage.
There are also smaller fabrics, which are ideal for shorter hair or ideal for wearing quilts or braids , very fashionable. Scrunchies are also adorned with colorful tulle, to add whimsy to a look, whatever the season. If you have an evening, do not hesitate to dare a petwith sequins or made from a metallic fabric: festive hairstyle guaranteed!

What hairstyles to adopt with a pet?

There are many options. So many that you will necessarily find one that will fit your style. If you prefer classic and chic looks , go for a low ponytail to tie with a black elastic in satin or pearls for example. Fancy fancy? Make a half ponytail with a velvet scrunchie. You can also make a nice low or high bun according to your tastes. The trendy touch: let your first two strands of hair protrude from the bun to give a very 90’s look that we love. Which hairstyle will you choose?

⋙ Our selection of favorites

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