Deconfinement: the first map of the green and red departments unveiled

If the medical indicators are favorable, the deconfinement will be progressive from May 11. It will also not be the same in all regions depending on the number of Covid-19 cases identified... Read more »

What could our social relationships look like in the future?

As the May 11 deconfinement begins to take place, social interactions will be limited for several more months. American researchers are trying to imagine what our future social life will be like. Read more »
get rid of dandruff

How to get rid of dandruff?

Dandruff is a mass of dead epidermal cells, generally visible first on the scalp. In the normal state, all areas of the epidermis, including the scalp, experience constant cell renewal leading to the... Read more »
short hairstyles

How to make a fringe without cutting your hair?

The fringe requires some maintenance. It must be cut regularly, washed every two to three days to prevent it from greasing … Unless you opt for the false bangs. Our advice and tips for... Read more »
Laurent Decreton

Laurent Decreton, The Creative Hairdresser

Passionate about fashion as much as hairdressing, Laurent Decreton distinguished himself as a creative hairstylist, working with the biggest fashion houses during shootings and fashion shows. His death was announced on Sunday, April... Read more »

Women’s tailor: how to wear it? Our guide

The tailor for woman is a classic garment, very simple to wear, timeless over time while being very elegant. But how to wear the tailor for woman? The blazer can be worn... Read more »

Contactless payment: watch out for scams

60 million consumers warns that in case of theft or credit card fraud, the opposition is no longer sufficient. Since the introduction of contactless payment, if your credit card is stolen, the... Read more »

Deconfinement: less than 6% of French people infected, warns the Institut Pasteur, which fears a second wave: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

May 11 will be marked by the beginning of deconfinement in France, with the gradual reopening of nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools. A process already well underway in Asia. Problem: Some... Read more »

Anne-Catherine Verwaerde (“Deal concluded”): her radical change of life, her son Jack … she confides in her: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Anne-Catherine Verwaerde, 45, is one of the first-time buyers ofDeal concluded presented by Sophie Davant on France 2. The forty-something woman told Current wife his journey: his radical change of life, his... Read more »
Covid-19: Are men more affected by the virus because of their testicles? : Current Woman Le MAG

Covid-19: Are men more affected by the virus because of their testicles? : Current Woman Le MAG

The Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread around the world. If chronic conditions and age are risk factors for the disease, gender is also a characteristic that increases the likelihood of developing the... Read more »