Good Reflexes To Reduce Hair Loss In The Fall

Every fall we lose more hair than usual. This may be due to temperature changes, hormones and summer vacations.

The scalp underwent the heat, the sun, the seawater, the chlorine of the swimming pool, and sometimes the daily shampoos… and the consequences are visible two to three months later, ie in autumn.

This hair loss can last for 6 to 8 weeks, beyond which you must consult a dermatologist. But simple gestures, before and during the fall, can reduce it. Here are some tips to reduce hair loss in the fall.

Upstream, we prevent by a good diet

As explained above, what our hair undergoes is seen three months later, so we must adopt the right actions in the summer or even a few weeks before. You must have, or keep, a good diet by promoting protein and iron sources such as meat or legumes (lentils, beans, etc.). The latter can be eaten in salads, perfect for hot days!

Also increase your intake of sulfur thanks to an onion, oleaginous fruits (nuts, almonds, hazelnuts …), as well as shrimps and chicken.

Finally, to prevent maximum hair loss, you can take food supplements, such as brewer’s yeast, 3 months before the fall. The supply in pharmacies and drugstores is very large, rather it favors vitamin B supplements. You can also take these supplements during the hair loss period to strengthen them.

During hair loss

Do you notice that a lot of hair falls out during your shampooing or brushing? Don’t panic, it’s not because of the shampoo that your hair is falling out. They are already dead, shampoo and brushing simply remove them. No need to space out the washes too much, which would result in leaving excess sebum and dust which would make them fall more. So keep your usual shampoo and brushing frequency.

Before shampooing, detangle your hair gently with a suitable brush. After washing, avoid the strong heat of the hairdryer, prefer a towel drying by rolling them up and applying light pressure. Do not rub them too much so as not to break them. As for the hairstyle, avoid buns or ponytails too tight as well as brushing or straightening iron.

It is necessary to oxygenate the scalp. To do this, massage your scalp regularly with your fingertips and gently. This promotes blood circulation and accelerates hair regrowth. It is possible to find massage brushes for the head in pharmacies. Good for the scalp, it will also relax you!

Namely, stress accelerates hair loss, so we find ourselves in a vicious circle. It only lasts a few weeks and is a normal consequence of the change of season. You can play sports to relax and de-stress, it’s good for your health and it will also have a positive impact on your hair!

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