Glenn Close, Diane Keaton, Helen Mirren … 20 sublime stars with their white hair

Sparse, pepper and salt or even entirely white … the trend is for natural and assumed hair! And among the stars, we wear total white looks with pride, and it’s really hot. Proof that you can have a sublime hairstyle while keeping your hair white.

Many of them are therefore today adopting blande , a trend (re) launched by journalist Sophie Fontanel . Fortunately, almost all hairstyles are possible when you have white hair . Of dozens of celebrities , young and old, have decided to not give in to the call of the dye to mask their white roots … Some even dare squarely to color the gray or white hair to affect silver more pretty.

In short cut, square, or even very long, white hair can be worn by all. However, to avoid the overly “aging” effect, dare to use dedicated makeup or choose the best way to dress .

So, if you are thinking of going white, here are 20 stars who have dared to take the plunge and who can inspire you at best .

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