Getting pregnant without penetration: rare but not impossible as this testimony proves

Her relatives have affectionately nicknamed her “the virgin Mary”. And for good reason: when she was 19, Samatha Lynn Isabel got pregnant while still a virgin, in the sense that she had never had penetrative sex.

It all started when the young adult had a late period. Although in a relationship, Samantha did not have a penetrating relationship with her boyfriend, so the idea of ​​a surprise pregnancy seemed rather absurd, improbable. And yet! Anxious to be reassured, the young woman carried out one, then six pregnancy tests, all positive.

Curious about how such a pregnancy could have happened in the absence of penetration, Samantha went to her gynecologist, who confirmed that she was five weeks pregnant. The explanation comes from the fact that seminal fluid, which may be excreted from the penis before sex or during foreplay, sometimes contains sperm. Thus, despite the absence of penetrating intercourse, the entrance to the young woman’s vagina was in contact with her companion’s penis, and a sperm succeeded in making its way into the uterus and then into the fallopian tubes. , until you meet an egg. As Samantha also had no contraception to prevent ovulation or implantation, a pregnancy began.

Once the doubt was cleared, the young woman, who initially considered abortion because of her studies, finally chose to keep the baby. His companion was delighted to learn that he was to become a dad. Bentley, the little boy born from this surprising and unusual pregnancy, is now 5 years old. He is the big brother of a little Theo, who was conceived “in a traditional way”, According to his mother.

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