FUNIBER Training Scholarships For Iberoamerica

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) offers an international Scholarship program to study  Masters, Specializations, Doctorates, and Bachelor’s degrees remotely (online) and face-to-face with university degrees.

This scholarship program consists of financial aid for cooperation between government and private organizations, awarded to the best professional profiles in each country, which allows for partial financial aid to be allocated according to each particular case.

The allocation of the Study Scholarship will depend on the profile of the applicant and they are assigned by a scholarship evaluation committee depending on the number of applications submitted by each foundation headquarters (located in more than 30 countries) versus the places available in each of the programs sponsored by FUNIBER. Scholarships are limited and depend on the allocation of the universities in agreement.

Scholarship requirements

To apply for a  FUNIBER training grant, the applicant may contact any FUNIBER headquarters or fill out the information request form that appears on our website. From the Admissions and Scholarships Department, they will provide the corresponding advice, to guide the application process and fulfillment of the requirements established by the Universities in accordance with the regulations of each country.

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