Florent Pagny: his physical evolution in pictures

French song star, Florent Pagny has been playing hits since the late 1980s. Back in pictures on his colorful change of looks!

If he tried to break into the cinema, it is in the song that Florent Pagny made a career. If you want to try me, Welcome home, Know how to love, Sing, My freedom to think, Where I will take you … In total, he sold more than 15 million records . Not to mention his seven seasons as a juror in the chair of The Voice (from 2012 to 2017) which made him a real TV star .

In terms of looks, Florent Pagny has long sought. If he preferred the sobriety of the brush cut to its beginnings, the 2000s quickly made him change his mind. It was indeed at this time that we discovered platinum blonde ! He even dared to dreadlocks in 2003. In 2010, he said goodbye to color but now lets his hair grow, as well as his goat, which earned him a lot of criticism on social networks… Today, the shortened goat , Florent Pagny returns to the sobriety of his beginnings. Until his next stroke of madness, which, we are sure, should not be long in coming!

⋙ Discover without further delay the physical evolution of Florent Pagny!

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