Egg Tenga, the masturbator egg: what is it? how to use it ?

This sextoy, created by Japanese sexual wellness company Tenga, seems to be very popular. However, at first glance, it does not look like much. So how do you use it and is it really worth it?

What is the Tenga Egg?

The Tenga Egg is a plastic egg containing a very elastic silicone sheath, supplied with a dose of lubricant. Underneath the egg there is a hole that allows you to insert a penis (or a finger of course, but it has less effect).

There are different models: Wavy (the bestseller with an interior texture in the form of waves), Clicker (soft pimples), Spider (spider web), Twister (wavy textures), Stepper (bidirectional pimples), Silky (silk woven). And also the Cool edition (designed on the basis of Wavy and ice-cool menthol lubricant), and more! Note that you can buy them in boxes of six.

Basically, this sex toy is really made for male sex : After putting the lubricant in the entrance of the Egg, you place the latter on your glans and then stretch it so that it envelops the entire penis. Then we masturbate with the egg. A drawing ?

But there are other side uses. :

  • Some people sometimes use it to masturbating vaginas by turning the Egg over, or to give a little tonic caresses for example, because the silicone material will act as a buffer and avoid pain.
  • You can also try to give an egg blowjob, but according to an editor who tested, it will be more pleasant for the gentleman than for his lady, because the taste is not good … What confirms a sales consultant in erotic toys: “It is not made to put in mouth, but it reproduces a little the sensations. “

Tenga egg

© Tenga

” It is said that the egg is for single use only. However in real life, continues our sexperte, it can be reused by having taken care to clean it after use (water and mild soap, as always), and to rinse it well. However, that doesn’t last for ages either, as the Egg eventually loosens over time. Its lifespan will therefore depend on the type of masturbation you practice. “

Benefits of Egg?

The main advantage of the egg is its very soft texture material. That makes it possible not to go dead hand if I may say so. Its casual (no charger, battery, etc.) and fairly instinctive sides are also to its credit. Finally, his little price will suit all budgets (around 8 euros).


The egg seems to offer original sensations and allows you to reproduce a semblance of deep throat fellatio, all while portable. The interior texture adds a bit of pizzazz, the item is cool and playful, and men love it! What else?

As for women who fear being eclipsed by the Egg, don’t worry! Just because you have a sex toy doesn’t mean you don’t want a partner, it has nothing to do with it. It’s the same as for clitoral sex toys for women.

There you are, you know everything, now sex toys are like everything: as long as you haven’t tested yourself, you are in the dark. So there’s just …

Sincerely yours and your diverse experiences.

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