Dull And Tired Hair: 8 Restorative Treatments To Pamper

Your hair looks sad, it is brittle, dull and you have the impression of losing a lot? Several causes can be at the origin of tired hair: colorings, heat, bad diet … Advice and certain products can help you restore their vigor, shine and shine.

Hair subjected to a severe test

Do you feel like you are losing a lot of hair? Do you find them tired, dull, brittle?

Know, first of all, that hair loss is part of a completely normal process: there is nothing serious in losing 30 to 50 per day.

On the other hand, it is true that during certain periods of life, the fall can be increased (especially after a pregnancy, for example), and the hair can appear duller, more tired, less shiny…

It must be said that they are sometimes subjected to severe tests: sun, wind, cold, excessive brushing, too tight elastic … all these attacks can damage your hair and make it dry, coarse, split ends, brittle, dull.

Take care of your hair

Here are some rules for taking care of your hair every day and keeping it healthy.

First of all, limit the heat, and in particular, the heating devices (hairdryer, straightening iron…) which are likely to dry out the hair. It is advisable to apply a leave-in treatment before subjecting them to heat and to hold the hair dryer at least 10 or 15 cm from the hair.

The chemicals, including dyes, brittle and dry hair because they lift the cuticle so that the dye penetrates well. It is essential to use care to rehydrate the hair.

The tiredness, the stress, the recovery after infection are factors that affect the hair.

Likewise, diet can also cause dull hair. Also, to improve the condition of your hair, favor certain foods: fruits and vegetables (good for their vitamins), fatty fish, nuts, rapeseed oil (for their richness in omega 3), almonds, cereals, brewer’s yeast, dairy products (because they contain vitamin B), eggs, lentils and seafood (which contain zinc) and organ meats, veal liver, shellfish, dried fruit (for their iron intake).

Selection of products to boost your hair

The directive, Nutri-repairing shampoo: for dry and damaged hair

This nutritious shampoo is suitable for dry and damaged hair. Thanks to the sunflower extract with nourishing properties, it repairs and nourishes the hair while protecting it from dehydration.

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair, lather by massaging the scalp then rinse.

On sale in pharmacies, € 4.95 per 200 ml bottle

Ducray Nutricerat®: for very dry and damaged hair

Specially designed for very dry and damaged hair, especially after repeated coloring, too hot brushing, the prolonged sun stays …

Thanks to a lipid-replenishing complex, and in particular illipe butter, it provides the hair with the essential nutrients to help it restructure, repair and protect the cuticle.

Its washing base enriched with sheathing agents makes hair soft and shiny.

Directions for use: use 1 to 2 times a week for at least 6 weeks. It is advisable to use in addition the Nutricerat mask which will be applied to washed hair leaving it to act for 5 minutes before rinsing

On sale in pharmacies and drugstores, € 7.90 per 200 ml shampoo bottle and € 15.90 per mask in 150 ml jar.

Klorane quinine and B vitamin shampoo: vigor and strength

This shampoo provides vigor and strength to the hair. It improves the spring and the quality of the hair by stimulating the cutaneous microcirculation as well as the hair bulb.

For people with hair loss problems, it can be used in addition to hair loss products.

Directions for use: Apply to wet hair, lather by massaging the scalp then rinse.

On sale in pharmacies and drugstores, € 6.90, the 400 ml bottle.

Hair directive: tired hair

These capsules are suitable for tired hair and nails, thanks to the vitamins of group B (B8, B5, B6) which contribute to the health, beauty, and growth of hair and nails, to the zinc which strengthens and silica and lithophane which improve their resistance and their thickness.

Directions for use: 2 capsules per day to swallow during a meal with a glass of water. A 3-month program is recommended.

On sale in pharmacies, € 8 for a box of 60 capsules.

Oenobiol® Fortifying Capillary: for healthy hair

Food supplement containing cysteine, group B vitamins, copper, zinc and blueberry extract (which activates microcirculation of the scalp), Oenobiol® Fortifying Hair helps nourish hair and nails by maintaining them so healthy.

Directions for use: take 2 capsules per day during a meal with a glass of water. A 3-month program is recommended.

On sale in pharmacies and drugstores, € 18.50 per box of 60 capsules.

Oenobiol® Hair conditioner: for the off-season

This dietary supplement which contains 5 alpha-reduction (pumpkin seed oil), biotin and group B vitamins, is recommended for tired, devitalized hair, especially during seasonal changes.

Conseils d’utilisation : prendre 2 comprimés par jour au cours d’un repas avec un verre d’eau. Un programme de 3 mois est conseillé.

En vente en pharmacie et parapharmacie, 30,00 € le lot de 2 boites de 60 + 1 boite

Oenobiol® Capillaire lotion antichute

Cette lotion contient le complexe breveté CG 210 (extrait de bulbes d’Allium cepa, de Citrus medica, de Limonum et des extraits de graines de Theobroma cacao et de Paulinia cupana). Elle prévient et freine la chute des cheveux, stimule la croissance des cheveux existants et renforce et redensifie le cheveu.

Conseils d’utilisation : appliquer sur le cuir chevelu sec ou humide, à l’aide de la canule, 5 à 10 vaporisations matin et soir pendant au moins 1 mois.

En vente en pharmacie et parapharmacie, 29,90 € le flacon de 80 ml.

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