Deconfinement: the first map of the green and red departments unveiled

If the medical indicators are favorable, the deconfinement will be progressive from May 11. It will also not be the same in all regions depending on the number of Covid-19 cases identified and the occupancy rate of hospital services. A map of the red or green departments according to these criteria has been established and will be updated until May 7, the date on which each department will know its category and therefore the measures to be applied accordingly.

The deconfinement is scheduled for May 11. He is preparing by monitoring all the indicators to check, department by department, the evolution of the epidemic. It is this observation that will make it possible to decide if the operations can indeed be launched on this date or if stricter measures must be taken in certain places. From Thursday 30 April and until 7 May, the Director-General of Health will present an updated map of the red and green departments each evening“This map will guide each department in the preparation of May 11. “Says the Ministry of Health. The first card was therefore revealed yesterday, and this first version actually shows three colors.

What are the criteria behind its design? The government has selected two: the active circulation of the virus on the territory and the state of hospital stress on resuscitation capacities. As the newspaper Le Monde explains, the first indicator that is the active circulation of the virus is established according to the share of patients consulting the hospital emergency services for a suspected Covid-19. The departments are in green if this proportion is between 0% and 6%, in orange if it is between 6% and 10% and in red if it is between 10% and 100%. Based on this criterion, Aisne, Mayotte, Haute Corse, Paris, Val-d’Oise, Cher, Nièvre, and Lot are in the red zone.

Departments in orange will turn green or red by May 11

The second criterion, the state of tension in hospitals, is based in particular on the capacity in the intensive care units of each department. On this subject, the Director-General of Health specified in his press point of April 30 that “four regions account for 71% of hospitalizations in intensive care: Ile-de-France (40%), Grand-Est (13%), Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes (9%) and Hauts de France (9%). ” The entire north-eastern quarter of France is therefore in the red zone, which means that 80 to 161% of the initial resuscitation capacity is occupied (60 to 80% for the departments in orange, 0 to 60% for departments in green.)

The synthesis of these two factors led the government to classify 35 departments in red, while the colors orange (corresponds to the fact that a department presents only one of the criteria retained to be classified in red) and green are distributed evenly. on the rest of the territory. Note that “by May 11, the orange zones will switch to the green side or the red side depending on the evolution of the situation. Only red and green should remain on this mapping. “Notes Le Monde. The newspaper Ouest France specifies for its part that a third criterion will be applied later: “the capacity of each territory to test patients with symptoms.”

What does it change depending on the color?

Depending on the situation of each department, local elected representatives may adopt specific territorial features, but general measures according to each established color are already known. “The departments in green little affected by the epidemic will be able to decontaminate from May 11. In the departments in red with a high rate of circulation of the virus, the deconfinement date will be postponed or more stringent measures will be put in place. “, Underlines the government. Thus, the areas in red on May 11, if deconfinement is well established for this date, could not see their green spaces (parks and gardens) reopen as well as schools, colleges, and shops.

The green departments may decide to reopen schools, shops, and outdoor locations. An exception is established for primary schools that will be able to open their doors everywhere on the territory but on a voluntary basis and with very strict sanitary conditions. Certain measures apply on the other hand at the national level, such as the end of the exit certificate, a limited trip within a radius of 100 km, and a still-current closure for restaurants and bars. But regardless of the evolution of the card in the coming days, the Minister of Health Olivier Veran wishes to indicate that it “does not change anything in the confinement which remains necessary until May 11. “

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