Dany Brillant: his physical evolution in pictures

The singer Dany Brillant celebrated his 54th birthday at the end of 2019. The opportunity to return to his physical evolution in images.

“When I see your eyes, I’m in love, when I hear your voice, I’m crazy about you …”. These well-known words were sung in 1996 by the famous Dany Brillant, whose real name is Daniel Cohen. He celebrated his 54th birthday this year, and already has a great career under his belt.

Among his greatest successes, we particularly remember Suzette in 1991, C’est toi in 1993, Quand Je voir Vos eyes in 1996, and the album Nouveau jour in 1999. The singer even shares the stage with his daughter Léah Brillant, born of a first marriage and today aged 26 (1993). He is also the father of a little Lino (8 years old) and a little Dean (6 years old).

A crooner style

Hairstyle side, the singer had several phases. At the start of his career, he displayed his jet black hair, often styling it back and slick. It makes him look like a devastating crooner. Then he decides to cut his hair shorter, which pleases him. He opted for a classic haircut which he kept over time. We love!

>> Discover its physical evolution in pictures

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