Coloring: what shade of brown to adopt after 50 years?

Follow our expert advice to display the perfect coloring, which illuminates and rejuvenates the features.

The different shades of blonde are more popular after fifty years. With more and more white hair, light colors make maintenance easier and bring light to the face. But going blond isn’t necessarily to everyone’s taste. The proof with Sophie Marceau, Demi Moore, Isabelle Adjani or Monica Bellucci… These celebrities continue to display brown hair with elegance.

Can we really bet on a dark coloring when we know that it tends to harden the facial features? According to Axel Joubert, expert hairdresser Jean Marc Joubert, two rules apply: do not stray too far from your natural base and take into account the intensity of the shade chosen just as much as the hairstyle .

The dark calls the short

Do you dream of a dark brown or a real brown? In the case of very dark coloring, prefer a short cut with the boy so that it does not emphasize the facial features. If you want to stay mid-length, bet on a light chestnut instead.

The brown yes but rather golden

As with blonde hair dyes , cold reflections of brown shades can dull the face. Avoid it if you don’t have an ultra-sophisticated look to support the whole! To brighten your face and bring a little youthfulness, a golden or slightly coppery brown will be much easier to adopt. The warm reflections are more rewarding and more natural.

A goldsmith’s work

If you have little white hair, ask your colorist to associate a scan with a color in order to work on particular areas and create relief. Otherwise, a covering color is better. The ideal is to accentuate the color at the root and “lengthen” it over the lengths so that it appears lighter. The goal ? Avoid the too opaque side, like a “helmet”, which would spoil your coloring .

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