Coconut oil to treat yeast naturally

On the plate, coconut oil is a concentrate of saturated fatty acids, those that should be limited so as not to block its arteries. On the skin, on the other hand, it is precious because nourishing and full of beneficial vitamins. Its fatty acids, and in particular caprylic acid and lauric acid (its main component), adversely influence the fate of fungal infections.

Use coconut oil to relieve yeast infections of the skin

At the origin of mycoses of the skin: dermatophytes, mushrooms that settle in folds, large or small, moist and hot. Between the toes, mainly between 3-4e and 4-5e, where the space is most confined, Trichophyton rubrum can proliferate and colonize other inter-toe spaces, then the sole of the foot if we don’t stop it. To the eye, we see dander, redness, cracks, which in addition, itch.


To prevent the extension of a athlete’s foot or treat a primer of nail fungus, “the most judicious combination is coconut oil (30 ml) with 30 drops of each essential oil (HE): tea tree, lemongrass and Ceylon cinnamon, at the rate of 2 applications per day, ”suggests Dr Patrick Aubé, phytotherapist.

Use coconut oil to relieve nail fungus

Half the time, if the nail is partly yellowed, thickened and / or crackedis that it harbors a fungus, the same one that moults between the toes. Onychomycosis is often the complication of a neglected athlete’s foot.


To prevent the extension of an athlete’s foot or treat a primer of nail fungus, “the most judicious combination here is coconut oil (30 ml) with 30 drops of each HE: tea tree, lemongrass and cinnamon from Ceylon, at a rate of 2 applications per day, ”further recommends Dr Aubé.

Caution: you must treat the nail as quickly as possible, for every millimeter of nail lost in the week of additional treatment. It is therefore better to take the advice of your doctor, who will decide on the treatment, in the form of a film-forming varnish to be placed on the short-cut nail, once a day or twice a week depending on the product for several months: it sterilizes the nail tablet from surface to depth.

Nail fungus: natural remedies to overcome it

Use coconut oil to relieve oral yeast infection

Oral yeast infection usually occurs due to injuries from braces, smoking or certain treatments, medications asthma and anticancer drugs in particular. They are manifested by thrush, small whitish deposits on the cheek lining, which tingle and burn when food passes; or by a black tongue.


A mouthwash twice a day of a teaspoon of coconut oil with a mixture of rosewood and peppermint HE (a drop of each), to “circulate” in the mouth 10 to 15 mins WITHOUT SWALLOWING. In prevention as in care.

Use coconut oil to relieve vaginal yeast infection

If the vagina is healthy, it is thanks to its bacterial flora, lactobacilli (between 100,000 and 1 million / ml of vaginal secretions) which preserve its acidity, thus preventing the development of pathogenic germs. An antibiotic treatment taken for a urinary tract infection for example can unbalance this protective flora; as are hormonal changes, excessive or unsuitable intimate hygiene, smoking (which reduces circulating estrogen levels), as well as stress.

Consequence: mushrooms ( Candida albicans, more often) multiply and cause intense itching from outside the vulva, but also white losses.


A vulvar toilet with a compress impregnated with coconut oil 2 times a day or a specifically formulated toiletries, adapted to this acid pH, for the most vulnerable women and in prevention, in case of taking antibiotics in particular.

What is the difference between coconut oil and coconut oil?

Both are made from the albumen of the walnut, the white part that can be eaten raw in the summer.

  • Coconut oil is extracted from the fresh pulp, which is grated, then cold pressed; the milky liquid thus obtained is left to stand, before removing the oil from the surface.
  • As for coconut oil, its extraction is industrial, from the dried coconut pulp. With tiare flowers, it composes the monoï.

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