After reading this, you will never use a hotel hair dryer again

Very practical, the hair dryers found in hotel rooms are however far from hygienic. The results of a study prove it! Inevitably, we will now think twice before using it …

Even if it is not always obvious, we all try (well, for the most part) to do our best to travel light . We take what is necessary with us, leaving at home what will not be of much use to us. Among these too bulky objects that we prefer not to take, there is our hair dryer – which we already find in the bathrooms equipped with most hotels.

But to go from hand to hand is this device really hygienic? It was the microbiologist Chuck Gerba who studied the subject to answer it. The results of his study were then relayed by the American television channel ABC … and believe us, it’s not very tasty!

Real nests for microbes

The results of the conducted study are clear: the dryer hair hotels are veritable nests microbes, viruses and other germs ! The reason ? Certain areas (or even the entire device itself) are never disinfected, or even cleaned . Joe McInerney of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, however, wanted to reassure ABC News : “

About 4 million people sleep in hotels every day and there are very, very few cases of people getting any disease. staying in a hotel . ” Despite everything, we say that it is better to opt for a travel size hairdryer rather than using the one from our hotel room … just to avoid throwing heaps of bacteria on our faces and hair from the former occupants of the room!

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