8 websites to download free books legally

However, any download of books must be legal. And, fortunately, today you can access a large number of totally free works that can be obtained without spending money, but within the highest legality.

Therefore, if you need access to various books, let’s see how to download free ebooks in Spanish and other languages that you need for your work.

How to download free books

On many occasions, libraries are forced to facilitate access to certain information. Good because there are few copies, or because of the number of years of written works, hence they cannot be loaned or passed from hand to hand. Nor can they risk someone underlining them, for example, given the historical value they end up obtaining for their age and uniqueness.

For this reason, more and more websites make it easier to download ebooks and audiobooks without also being charged for it.

To download books in PDF for free, or in any other format, you just have to access one of these websites that we list below, and that have been verified to allow you to obtain them legally without violating the author’s rights.


It is a huge publisher and in Spanish and one of the most important of those that operate online, which also publishes on demand and allows the self-publishing of authors, who can use their platform to upload their works and choose the method of sale and acquisition.

Obviously, you can also take advantage of this editorial to buy books and to download works in formats such as PDF and others paying the stipulated price. This option is always available.

Gutenberg Project

This library of public domain ebooks is one of the best known. It offers works in many different formats, ideal for reading in electronic readers, such as mobile and epub, which are highly demanded by users of the famous Kindle.

Dream Traffickers Editorial

Considered a symbol of the social movement, it offers copyleft publications, that is, the distribution contains modified versions of the work or work. Be that as it may, it allows you to download free books in PDF format.


At the European level, this is one of the best pages to download books. A digital library that offers countless ebooks that are mostly in the public domain.

Also, if you need a bibliography in any particular language, you can download the works in the various official languages ​​spoken in the European Union.


This is a virtual library in the public domain that can be accessed by any reader or student to download free ebooks in Spanish and other languages ​​in PDF format. It is very complete.


We will stop briefly on Amazon because today it offers various options for downloading books in very different formats, although not always free.

Regarding the download of ebooks without paying anything, there are certain classics of literature in Spanish, and also in French and English, which can be obtained in this great electronic commerce of enormous weight worldwide.

In addition, other options are offered that, although they are not totally free, are very economical.

  • Kindle Unlimited: Although this option is paid, it is no less true that for a small monthly price you can access a significant number of books and bibliography without extra payment. We find both textbooks and novels by known and lesser-known authors, etc.

  • Amazon Prime: It is a well-known service of the platform that even, in addition to music, free shipping, and television service, adds the option of downloading a large number of books without extra payment. Its price is not too excessive, just over € 30, it is made once a year and allows you to have a total of 10 downloaded books on ‘rent’ that you can return when you want to have others on your computer, tablet or mobile through the Amazon Kindle app.

These two options are paid, but they are very profitable due to their low price and offer a greater disposition to download books that can be interesting for any student.


This is an Argentine publisher that offers books in PDF format. Although his ideology is very marked towards anarchism, all the work that can be downloaded from his website is free.


Among the best pages for downloading books, this one stands out, in which we can find more than 9000 works that we will download without problems since it is free of copyright and is completely free.

Other of the best pages to download books

Below, we have compiled a large list with more pages to download free ebooks in Spanish and always have up dated bibliography to do interesting works or novels to read. Take note.

  1.  Free ePub

  2.  Espaebook

  3.  Manybooks.net

  4.  Online Computer Books

  5.  Bookyards.com

  6.  KnowFree

  7.  BookBoon

  8.  quedelibros

  9.  books

  10.  freebook sifter

  11.  free-ebooks

  12.  books without ink

  13.  Lectulandia

  14.  planet book

  15.  World Ebook

  16.  Digital Library of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI)

  17.  Google Books (formerly known as Google Book Search and Google Print)

  18.  Google Scholar (Google Scholar)

  19.  Jstor

  20.  Scribd

  21.  Megaepub

  22.  Free books

  23.  Public domain

  24.  Ebooksgo

  25.  Download free

  26.  ePubGratis

  27.  Goose and Octopus

  28.  Fiuxy

  29.  PDF Books

  30.  24 Symbols

  31.  Freeditorial

We understand that it is not always easy to find places and websites where to download free books. Sometimes the price of the bibliography necessary to carry out a consultation or university work is prohibitive and the library of our university is not always at hand.

Fortunately, today, with new technologies and the enormous access we have to a gigantic catalog of free books throughout the online world, it is not difficult to find scientific or entertainment works for all kinds of profiles.

We hope that this information is useful to you and that you find, by downloading free books in Spanish, everything you need to successfully achieve your goal. You see that access to culture, research, and knowledge is not necessarily expensive.

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