5 Ways to Avoid Hydrogenated Oil

Hydrogenated oil refers to the commercial processing of trans fats that turn them into stable and unsolvable fats and bad for human health. Companies are now using the hydrogenation process to increase food product shelf life by adding hydrogen into natural oil. 

This process hurts human health as it can lead to high cholesterol levels that can lead to heart disease and other disorders. 

Several brands are using a full hydrogenation process to pack their products that do not carry out a serious health issue. But the point is it isn’t straightforward to find out which product has partially hydrogenated oil and which one contains fully hydrogenated oil. 

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Here are some ways that will help to spot and avoid hydrogenated oil to prevent serious health concerns:

1. Read product label 

The most important and best way to avoid hydrogenated food is to read the name of a product before buying. As per the international standards of food labeling, companies have to enlist all the ingredients carefully, but as a buyer, you have to be more focused not to get tricked by them. 

A product label with zero percentage of trans fats does not mean it is true. If you read in the description if a product is trans-fat free, then it must write down 0gram trans fats, but they tricked by writing 0.5 or 1gram of trans fats. 

2. Use vegetable oil 

It is necessary to choose vegetable oil like olive oil, sunflowers oil for cooking at home. Although margarine provides a smooth cooking solution, it is high in trans fats. 

Such type of fat an unhealthy choice and causes some serious health issues. 

According to research, it is shown that sunflower oil and olive oil have some significant health benefits like they improve heart health, control glucose level, and reduced the risk of high blood pressure. 

3. Avoid processed foods

Companies usually use hydrogenated oil or trans fats to store food items for a more extended period. 

It helps to increase the shelf life of a product and a source to preserve food products. If you want to avoid hydrogenated oil, it is essential to limit your reliance on processed food and stop consuming them. It is much healthy that you cooked at home instead of having a canned one.

4. Healthy snacks choice

Snacks are an essential part of a regular diet and help to control hunger that strikes between meals. A healthy or appropriate option of having the right amount of snacks is one crucial decision. 

Instead of having crackers, chips, and packed food items switch towards the natural and healthy one that is free from trans fats like nuts, fruits, yogurt, and many more. 

It will give high fiber and high proteins and good to have a balanced healthy lifestyle. 

5. Mark the culprits 

Different companies and brands are using hydrogenated oil in their products to make them preserved for a more extended period. 

It is a way to eliminate trans fats from your life to mark them and avoid those food products that have fats saturated or unsaturated like ready to use products, fried food items, coffee creamers, canned snacks, and baked food items.

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