20 University Majors With The Most Future Employment 2020

Before making a decision, consider the employability forecast of the career you are going to choose

Before making a decision take into account the employability forecast of the career you are going to choose | Source: iStock

Are you at that moment? Yes, the one where you have a foot in the university and you must decide what career you are going to study. It’s normal that you want to take it easy and find out about the races with the most future in 2020 before making such a decisionAnd it is that no matter how many vocations you feel towards a career that may not guarantee you a good future job.

We know that it sounds complicated to find a balance between vocation and career opportunities, but it can be achieved. Have you ever consulted any of the rankings of careers with the greatest future employment?

The United States Department of Labor does one annually in which it lists the 100 jobs with the highest demand for employment in recent years and from there extracts the careers with the greatest projection. To prepare its latest list, it has taken the figures from 2016 as a reference and has estimated its projection of careers with a future from 2020 to 2026.

Yes, we know that we are not talking about the Spanish figures, but the population density of the United States and its economic stability set a common pattern that can be applied in developed countries. Far from being a surprise, technological and health science careers top this ranking.

Although it is true that markets and technology advance with dizzying speed and the data can change, this small list can help you make your decision. 

These are the races with the most future in 2020:

  1.  Software engineering

  2.  odontology

  3.  Nursing

  4.  Medicine

  5.  Maths

  6.  Physiotherapy

  7.  Occupational Therapy

  8.  Marketing

  9.  Optics and Optometry

  10.  Straight

  11.  Technical architecture

  12.  Business Management

  13.  Veterinary

  14.  Informatics Engineering

  15.  Mechanical Engineering

  16.  Psychology

  17.  Economy

  18.  Speech therapy

  19.  Civil Engineering

  20.  Pharmacy

What are the careers with the most future in 2020 in Spain and how is the perspective of the labor market?

It is true that the list we have shared corresponds to American reality. But as we have said it is something perfectly extrapolated to the panorama of our own country. As reflected in the list in Spain, there are also STEM disciplines and careers related to health sciences that will enjoy a higher rate of employability in the near future.

This is reflected in a report prepared by Randstad Research, which ensures that “in the next 5 years 1,250,000 jobs will be created, of which 390,000 must be covered by professionals trained in technological and health science careers” Although you can also talk about how some professions stand out above others in this perspective. Thus, for example, among technological careers, engineers have the most employability, something that also happens with Big Data professionals.

Careers that previously had led the lists such as those related to the economy, business administration, or law are of less importance. But despite this, they continue to show a good employability rate for the coming years. If there is one area that is most affected in this case, it is that of the humanities, especially some careers such as history, art history, fine arts, or the different philologies that have low employability.

Do these data fit with the most chosen races in Spain?

After knowing that the areas of technology and health will be where the careers with the most future in 2020 are, both in the United States and in Spain, the question is: do our students choose according to their vocation or do the trends go hand in hand with their preferences?

The answer is that, indeed, Spanish students begin to choose professions with a future. This is demonstrated by the most chosen races in Spain:

  • A double degree in Mathematics and Physics

  • A double degree in International Relations and Journalism

  • Degree in Biotechnology

  • Degree in Medicine

  • A double degree in Criminology and Psychology

  • A double degree in Modern Languages ​​and Translation

  • Double degrees in Business Administration, Law or Economics with International Studies

As you can see, although we still find some classics like ADE, Psychology, or Journalism; The fields of technology and health are beginning to emerge among the favorites of Spanish students, perhaps because they are among the highest-paid professions in our country. 

What are the highest paid careers and professions in the greatest demand in our country?

As confirmed by Info jobs’ 2019 Labor Market Reportareas such as architecture, project management or IT are among the highest-paying careers. It is not only concluded that they obtain higher wages, but that growth is seen both in absolute and relative terms.

Do these preferences agree with the professions most in demand by companies in Spain? The truth is that yes, since, for the moment, it continues to demand professionals specialized in:

  • Informatics Engineering

  • Business Management

  • Telecommunications Engineering

  • Economy

  • industrial engineering

  • International tourism

  • Marketing

  • Nursing

  • Industrial Organization Engineering

As published by the  VIII Infoempleo Adeccothe unemployment of university graduates is more than five points below that affecting job seeker who only have compulsory training (11.36% vs. 16.83%). In this same report, it can be seen that among the university careers with the highest employability are Business and Financial Administration, Industrial  Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Marketing.

As you can see the future pushes us towards a greater technological specialization and perhaps you will find more facilities if you opt for one of the careers related to it. Enrolling in studies that allow you to become a Data Analyst, Data Science Expert, Cybersecurity Specialist, Agile Methodology Specialist, and Scrum Master or User Experience Developer is the way to take advantage of the demand-pull that benefits these emerging professions, considered as some of the races with the most future in 2020.

But remember that a vocation is also an important factor to consider in the decision you are about to take. So if, for example, you want to study humanities, it may be preferable to opt for a dual degree in Modern Languages, which could improve your employability to the doctorate of competencies and experiences that would make your professional profile more attractive.

In any case, whatever career you choose, we recommend paying attention to aspects such as long-term employability, finding out about the careers with the most future in 2020 and beyond and enjoying the stage of a university student. Good luck!

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