10 hairstyle trends of the 60s to wear in 2020

The hair flip

This way of brushering the ends of the hair up returns to fashion in 2020. Easy to carry out with a round brush and a hair dryer, this effect can be worn on a square or a mid-length cut . You are free to leave the lengths loose, or to raise them in a ponytail or half-tail. A great way to give a little retro touch to your hair!

The volume at the back of the head

This small voluminous shell at the back of the head , essential in the 60s, brings a glamorous and sophisticated touch to the hair . We love to wear it with flexible and loose lengths, but also with a banana bun for an even more sophisticated look. The trick to achieve this volume effect: crimp the roots with a fine comb then gently brush the hair to smooth the material.

The hairstyle with a headband

The headband is back in force in 2020 to accessorize the hair in a few seconds. It is preferably chosen in velvet or set with pearls . To create this retro effect, place it a few centimeters higher than the hairline and allow a few strands to protrude from the front of the face. This will create a more natural result.

The short twiggy cut

This short cut worn by the model Twiggy Lawson in the 60s is still relevant today. We could compare it to a pixie cut that we would have polished with a wax or styling gel. Very elegant and feminine, this timeless short cut perfectly highlights the oval of the face. To adopt without hesitation!

Half ponytail

This hairstyle very popular with celebrities is both retro and very trendy. We love to wear it with the ends of the hair brushed up ( retro hair flip style ) to bring it a pin up spirit. For a more worked effect, think of covering the elastic with a lock of hair previously isolated from the rest of the hair.

The notched square

Nothing more glamorous than this wavy square on the lengths . To get these well-defined curls, use heated curlers and wrap only the lengths and ends. Let the curls cool and then style the hair with a comb. Finally spray hairspray to fix the movement obtained.

The long bangs

This long, slightly rounded fringe is a must in the 60s. Magnificent with long hair or a square, it brings out the look and enhances the line of cheekbones . To give it a nice movement, work it with a hair dryer and a round brush or do some touch-up with your straightener.

The knotted ribbon

This hairstyle brought up to date by Jennifer Aniston or Ariana Grande is ultra-easy to achieve. Tie part of your hair in a half ponytail high then wrap a ribbon (preferably in velvet) around the elastic. Attach the ribbon by making a large bow tie and voila.

Long degraded cut

In the 1960s, the work of the gradient was a little more marked and accentuated than today. This trend is back in force in 2020 with the return of the mullet cut. This very degraded long or mid-length cut is worn with bangs. An original look that brings movement to the hair. Avoid on fine hair .

The max volume bun

This oversized bun is ideal for an evening . To obtain this aerial effect, crimp the roots with a fine comb then use bobby pins to fix the hair in a subtle way. Feel free to accessorize your bun with a headband or velvet ribbon to give it an extra 60’s touch.

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